Humble Bundle “The End of Summer Sale”, free Stealth Inc. 2

The Humble Bundle store starts its The End of Summer Sale today, with 10% of its proceedings going to charity. Games you purchase there have, for the most part, an option of DRM-free or Steam download, though which you can get is displayed on each game’s page before you purchase. And you can also snatch yourself a free copy of Stealth Bastards Inc. 2.

With dozens of games cheaper than a pint at your local pub, if you’re itching for something new to play or just have to satisfy your consumerist needs, the Humble Store is worth checking out. With the big hitters like The Witcher 2 having a budget just for advertising, I’ll give a shout out to the smaller productions you might miss out on but which I personally recommend:

  • Sunless Sea ($9.49): this roguelike, survival game developed by Fallen London’s Failbetter Games is a great game of exploration and decision-making. As the captain of a ship sailing the unterzee, home to the Iron Republic, Khan’s Heart and several other eery locations, there are many mysteries to discover and eldritch horrors to brave in this richly described underworld.

  • Rogue Legacy ($2.24): another roguelike on this list, but this time you’ll be jumping through a randomly generated castle, each time playing a new character of a lineage with dwarves, myopics, flatulent wizards and color-blind warriors. The dungeons are hard and so are its bosses, but with each passing through you gather gold and equipment pieces to upgrade your character’s skills and attributes.

  • The Last Federation ($3.99): this unique grand strategy game, developed by prolific and complex Arcen Games, has you controlling the last of an advanced speciesin its peacemaking attempt to unite this galaxy’s civilizations into a federation, avoiding any extinctions and wars between them. True to the name they’ve made for themselves with classics such as A.I. War, Arcen Games gives you a plethora of tools to pursue this goal. The game’s DLC, Betrayed Hope, has you playing the galaxy with the opposite goal in mind, an interesting twist and something those who enjoyed the base game will surely like.

  • Xenonauts ($12.49): or what XCOM: Enemy Unknown would’ve been if hardcore fans were responsible for its development. What it lacks in XCOM: EU’s production values, voice acting and graphics it makes up in a variety of weapons, loadouts, ship types and new mechanics, much like its spiritual predecessors of yesteryear. And it has action points, rather than just “move and attack” or all that simplified shenanigans from the new XCOM game. If you’re a fan of squad-based strategy games, this will be just up your alley.

  • Legend of Grimrock ($2.24): the closest thing to a modern Eye of The Beholder, Legend of Grimrock is an old-school dungeon-crawler puzzle game, where the truly hardcore gamers can opt not to have a map and instead draw it on graph paper, and is a great entry into a genre that simply isn’t much explored these days. You can also pick up Legend of Grimrock 2, which I haven’t played but seems to be as good as its predecessor, albeit at a smaller discount.

I could honestly recommend you dozens of other games, but I can’t really arse myself to pour through the website and then write them up here as these are just a few among the ones I think you could miss out and are just fantastically discounted. Be sure to have a look at the webiste and see for yourself which games you might want, or don’t go there and refrain from expanding your probably already massive backlog¹.

¹Who am I kidding, right?


2 thoughts on “Humble Bundle “The End of Summer Sale”, free Stealth Inc. 2

  1. Ah, yes, the Rogue Legacy. The idea of playing the generations of family was great, although it wasn’t enough to keep me interested long enough; I stopped playing after beating the 2nd boss. Still, for this price it’s definitely worth it.
    I’d add to that list Cook, Serve, Delicious!, which was a great surprise to me. It looks very simple and casual but it is in fact very challenging game.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t played Cook, Serve, Delicious! yet. There are some other games I’d recommend, but these were (bar Xenonauts and Sunless Sea) really well discounted. Some other games like Brothers and Never Alone are also well discounted, the former especially, but while I personally enjoyed them I think they might be very niche games.


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