The White March released

Baldur’s Gate-inspired Pillars of Eternity released earlier this year to pretty much ubiquitous praise. I myself had a few complaints about it, but when push comes to shove I still consider it a hallmark among D&D-inspired cRPG games. As part of their previously announced The White March expansion comes the first half of the DLC, just released on Steam and GOG – you can get just the first part for $9.99 or both for $14.99, though the second act doesn’t have a set release date yet.

Snow-capped environments have been a fan favorite since, well, always.
Snow-capped environments have been a fan favorite since, well, always.

I’ll be waiting until the second part is released to give it a go in one go, so to speak, but in the meantime there already are a few reviews popping up here, there, elsewhere and here again. With the expansion comes two new companions, an increase in the level cap (from 12 to 14) and several new locations to explore, all available once you’ve unlocked Caed Nua. Fortunately, the DLC will be scaled – if you’ve finished the game once and want to have a go with your party, you can, just as you’re allowed to start afresh and explore the White Marches as soon as you wish with a new group.

The good news aren’t only for those who buy the DLC, though, as owners of the base game will get a meaty update that will add, among other things, long-requested party AI (with multiple behavior choices), the ability to individually stealth your party members – no more having your stealthy rogue spotted because of a blundering Eder – and accuracy indicators, among other things. This also includes a hefty batch of bug fixes. You can check out the full patch notes here.

The Devil of Caroc and Zahua, a rogue and a monk, have scripted interactions in both DLC and base game.
The length of the first part of the DLC seems to sit around ten hours, including a Paths of Od Nua inspired dungeon, long and full of challenges. You can have a look at the release trailer below:



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