N++ ninjas itself onto PC on the 25th

Yes, add an to a word and it becomes a verb. N++ is a minimalist platforming game where you have to jump and slide a lot with a stick-figure that looks like a ninja – the N series has done the rounds for over twelve years as N on gaming website Kongregate and as N+ on the X360, DS and PSP, and now it’s coming to Steam as, yes, N++. You pronounce it N add add. Continue reading “N++ ninjas itself onto PC on the 25th”

Sunless Sea Zumbariner DLC zails into the unter-unterzee on October 11th

Ahoy, zailors! If you felt that you’d seen everything there was to seen in Sunless Sea‘s Unterzee, having charted its mercurial geography and established spy rings in its most populous enclaves, I bring good news: access to the depths of the underground sea will be available on the 11th of October, less than two months from now. If you hadn’t heard of the expansion, the aptly named Zubmariner will allow you to change your ship into a submarine, going beneath the water’s surface, where new horrors and oddities await. Continue reading “Sunless Sea Zumbariner DLC zails into the unter-unterzee on October 11th”

Norman’s Sky

War. War never changes. After shooting my way through a few hours of New World Interactive’s take on World War II, I am glad they didn’t change it. What started off as a total conversion mod on the popular modern-military shooter Insurgency, quickly grew into a standalone release on Steam. Priced at $19.99 USD, Day of Infamy sticks to its guns by providing a multiplayer experience that doesn’t stray away from the beaten path provided by classic FPS games such as Day of Defeat and Red Orchestra. As a result, the game feels polished and provides an enjoyable and tense multiplayer experience. Continue reading “Norman’s Sky”

Review: Random Access Murder

Ahh the ’80s, what a time to be alive! Mullets, tacky clothes, seizure-inducing neon colors, cheesy movies, synthpop, the golden age of gaming, AIDS and so much more. What a crazy time, the ’80s are truly the pinnacle of the 20th century. Everybody loves this decade because it was too damn fun. Alas, RAM is not. Continue reading “Review: Random Access Murder”

Sunless Sea creative director guest writing for Stellaris

There are two ways to start a weekend: the regular way, and the one where you find out that one of the writers for one of gaming’s best collection of words, Sunless Sea, is writing for another game you very much enjoy: Stellaris [Review]. Alexis Kennedy is the creative director and co-founder of Failbetter games, a company best known for their browser-based game Fallen London and the exploration role-playing game Sunless Sea, and will be guest writing content for Paradox’s space 4x-turned-grand strategy game. Continue reading “Sunless Sea creative director guest writing for Stellaris”

Review: Starbound

This darling indie sandbox with a rocky Early Access career has finally seen the light of 1.0 and well… has been met with some ups and downs from both fans and newcomers alike. Starbound is a game that caught my eye more than a year and a half ago with a short video of some gameplay and some music. Though I won’t talk about that, since the game is in 1.0 and in that sense a lot has changed.
Continue reading “Review: Starbound”

The best in indie gaming trailers

These days I was watching movie trailers for released and upcoming films, when a realization dawned on me – well, I’d actually been building up to this realization with each watched trailer in the past few years: they’re all the same. I’m not saying that the indie movie about a dying girl will have the Inception horn, of course, but if it’s an action movie then yes, you can expect Hans Zimmer to crop up, no exceptions, alongside the sweeping camera takes of a city, a mysterious line read by an important character, fading to black, the building up of silence only to be shattered by a loud noise – it’s all there, and much more too. How fortunate for me that I’m curating a list of my favorite indie gaming trailers, then, much less ordinary and dull than whatever’s the trend in movies.  Continue reading “The best in indie gaming trailers”