What is a fourth-person game? Pavilion is

Pavilion drew me to it like shiny objects draw Ostriches (don’t test this fact) – as I nonchalantly took a look at upcoming indie releases, there it was. A fourth-person puzzling adventure with an art style that, well, the images speak for themselves. The first of two chapters is set to release on the 22nd of September on Steam and the Humble Store, while for those who own an NVIDIA Shield it’s out, well, a day ago, with future releases on the Sony console and handheld. Continue reading “What is a fourth-person game? Pavilion is”

Operation Sonnenblume: 1.2 “Sunflower” patch out for Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV [Review], the latest entry into Paradox’s library of Grand Strategy games, has just received its second major patch, Sunflower. Whereas other Paradox grand strategy series span centuries, Hearts of Iron is its World War 2 simulator, where the fate of nations across the globe will be defined in a decade of conflict. While for those who are in a 1.1 save game it might be interesting to remain so, the patch includes a slew of bugfixes and improvements to performance that otherwise you won’t want to miss out on. Continue reading “Operation Sonnenblume: 1.2 “Sunflower” patch out for Hearts of Iron IV”

It Came from the Deep (Space): Leviathans expansion for Stellaris

I knew only good things could come out from Sunless Sea’s Creative Director Alexis Kennedy partnership with Paradox Interactive, and indeed my suspicions seem confirmed: Stellaris’ [Review] first expansion, titled Leviathan, has now been announced. It brings changes to Fallen Empires, independent entities and other things, and will be released alongside the Heinlein patch. Continue reading “It Came from the Deep (Space): Leviathans expansion for Stellaris”

Avadon trilogy’s last chapter now out

If you’re the sort that looks to the 80’s, 90’s and early 00’s and reminisces on the golden age of cRPGs, where year after year classics such as Ultima, Wizardry and Planescape: Torment came out in droves, there’s one developer you should keep an eye on: Jeff Vogel. His company, Spiderweb Software, has been doing the rounds in cRPG development for over twenty years, and their most recent series, Avadon, has just received its final entry, titled The Warborn. Continue reading “Avadon trilogy’s last chapter now out”

Prove yourself to the Gods in Jotun’s new Valhalla Edition

Fancy striking some colossal giants down, proving to the gods you’re a worthy shieldmaiden and learning a handful of things about Norse mythology all at the same time? Jotun [Review] might just be your thing, and with its recent release on consoles comes an updated edition aptly named ‘Valhalla’. Continue reading “Prove yourself to the Gods in Jotun’s new Valhalla Edition”

Review: N++

We’ve all heard of N. It may have been as exactly that, just N, the flash version of the platformer you got good at for bragging rights, or the 360 version, that didn’t change a whole lot but did have more of N. It stands to reason that the latest version, N++, is exactly that: it’s still very much N, but with more of everything. You’ll still have to dash around levels collecting gold – you’re a greedy ninja who can’t resist its allure – and avoiding enemies and hazards, but instead of ten or a hundred levels, there’s thousands of ’em. Continue reading “Review: N++”

Review: The Reaper’s Due (Crusader Kings 2 DLC)

Note: a DLC for Crusader Kings 2 entails dozens of changes and additions. This review intends to cover them in broad strokes and assess how it changes the game, not the particularities of this or that (for that, check the patch notes linked ahead).

The middle ages were a grim time: the Scandinavians still hadn’t grasped what property exactly meant, a single family, instead of a couple of dozen, ruled most of the continent, and Christians liked to come knocking at non-believers’ doors in a way that would make Mormons swell with pride. There were also diseases and plagues, all of this in an era where a cold could be fatal, in no small part because your court physician thinks infections are solved with goat flatulence (thanks, Einar). The latest DLC for Crusader Kings 2 is now out, and while you can check the objective patch notes here (mandatory what they actually mean), I’ve played it a decent bit and written up what I thought below. Continue reading “Review: The Reaper’s Due (Crusader Kings 2 DLC)”